Radishes in Heat

No art today, only madness
Not madness as in “we’re all mad here, Alice”
But “I’m so full of madness that you ate the last English muffin!!!”
That last quote not from Alice
But another lady of the same name
Alice Perpresspity
A charming woman who no one believed would ever hurt a sole, until the day
(her family and friends say, ‘we never saw it coming’) she stabbed herself in the foot
But enough human disinterest, lets move on to currant events
Like raisin children in a grape culture
But if a man, a plan, and a canal makes Panama
Does a dog, a frog, a pram, and a nap make Panamarpagrofagoda?
Yes, you laugh now
But everybody does until the plankton shows up in the underwear drawer
It’s what comes of never airing out your algebra
But weight! There’s moor!
The hound of the Baskervilles basking in the villa until he almost seems to glow…
Check out our latest theory!
New and improved!
So improved we had to disprove it
Just to get it to a level that mere mortals could understand
As they understand the underpass
And overstand the bridge
That leads to the chorus
of Handel’s Hullaballojah
While all around is the scent
Of incontrovertible effluvium.

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