Accolade! An RPG I Sort Of Helped Make…I Mean, I Did A Little Bit…

Hey there, Internetlings,

It’s been, phew, about a month since I posted anything, and even that was a bit of rubbish.

So what have I been up to? I’ve surely been busy doing all sorts of important productive things, right?

Allow me to respond to that:


I mean, are you kidding? Fallout 4 came out like three weeks ago. It’s a miracle I haven’t died of malnutrition.

However, I have been working on something with some friends. Which is to say, said friends have been creating a pen-and-paper RPG for a good long while, and they asked if I’d like to join them. To which I replied, “Sure! I love taking partial credit for projects that other people have poured their hearts and souls into!”

These friends, Peter Semple and Mike Togtman, (and Alex Vanderaa, who I have actually never met, despite apparently being a partner with) have formed a publishing company called Windcaller Studios, and invited me to join. (I know, it’s insane…they actually think I’m contributing somehow…)

Anywhom, this week marks the release of our latest product! (It may also be our first product, but shhhh!) And that product is Accolade! You can get it on Gumroad! Or you can keep reading. ‘Sup to you.


Accolade is a narrative-driven pen-and-paper RPG set in Basnobe, which, I recently found out, is not, after all, a country in Eastern Europe, but a fictional world developed by the aforementioned Mike Togtman. A land of dreams and dreamers, and fantasy races.

How about some Q&A time!

Pen and Paper RPGs? Isn’t that how Satan lures me into devil-worship and ensnares my mortal soul?

I’m sure we all fondly remember opening up that first Dungeons and Dragons player kit and finding vials of goats blood, pentagram invocation instructions, and the rules of the game etched on the inside of a black cat’s stomach lining. But in Lucifer got kind of pissed at the rule changes in 3rd Edition, so it’s been a fairly Satan-free sport since the mid-80s.

Is this like D&D? Too much math and dice-rolling! Yuck! 

Yes, Dungeons and Dragons is basically integral calculus with warlocks. But not so, Accolade! It’s narrative-based, so it’s more inclined towards people who like the storytelling aspect of role-playing. There’s a little math, but you can do it on your fingers.

Also, you want to get out of dice-rolling? No dice! Not “no dice” in the sense of “you’re out of luck.” I mean “no dice” in the sense of “this game doesn’t use dice.” All you need to play are decks of ordinary playing cards, such as you might find in your house, at the grocery store, or your local den of iniquity.

RPGs can adapt to all sorts of playing styles…you and your game-master or playing group can figure out if you’re interested in a more mechanics-based or story-based type of game.

What’s with all the animal-people? Is this some weird furry thing?


I mean, if you want to use it for that, that’s your business, but…no. Basnobe is a world populated by many strange animaline species, each with its own history, culture, and personality. It fleshes out the world and gives gamers a variety of different player-characters. For example, if you like to play a methodical but stalwart character, the bison-like Tatanka might be a good fit, or if you’d rather play quiet and clever, you might prefer the mental agility of the lupine Maruq. It’s like racism, but in a good way.

Okay, wait, did you actually contribute anything to the creative process besides this sarcastic blog post?

In the playbook, we included a short story to introduce the world, races, and general concepts. I helped a fair deal with writing the story and doing some editing for the document to get all the all the typos out. I also contributed to the general world-building and put in my two cents about refinements to the game mechanics. Accolade is Mike Togtman’s brainchild, though, and he’s done the bulk of the concept generation and game creation.

Where again can I go to buy this? I know you put the link at the top, but scrolling back up is a pain in the ass.

We’re releasing the game through Gumroad, and this is where you can purchase Accolade. The document has the core rules, character sheet, map, setting description, race breakdowns, a sample of play, and the story I worked on. And if you want to be a sycophant and follow every word that dribbles from our lips, you can visit Windcaller Studios on Facebook.

Are you done talking now?

Yes. Time to get back to Fallout…

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