Be Mean To Comcast Employees

I used to think you should be nice to Comcast/Xfinity employees.

Don’t get me wrong. I’ve always known the company corrupt and dishonest, possibly to the point of actual criminality…but I thought it was wrong to take it out on the poor grunts they put out on the front line.

As I continue dealing with Comcast, I’m steadily changing my mind.

To start off, every Comcast employee I’ve dealt with has been a lying sack of shit.

First, there was the Comcast rep for my apartment complex, who is supposed to help optimize your package. He told me I could not transfer my service from my previous address, and that he would have to set up a new account. This led to $150 in overbilling, and complications that took three hours in the local Xfinity store to work out. As it turns out, the rep lied to me simply so he could mark me down as a new sale for his record.

Then there were the representatives in the Xfinity store. After waiting an hour in line, the customer service representative apologized for the mix-up, messed around on the computer, and told me the problem was resolved. This too was bullshit.

When I came back, after another hour in line, the rep said this time, they’d fix it for sure. She said they did not have the internet service I wanted, but that she could upgrade the internet to a higher speed to make up for the problem. This was also a lie. They clearly offer the internet service I requested, because they never upgraded the speed. They promise things they have no intention of delivering, because they know you won’t check.

They had also failed to hook up HBO, which had been a specific part of the original plan. When I came back again, the rep promised once again to upgrade the internet speed and hook up the HBO. The internet has not been upgraded, HBO is not connected, but they are billing me for something called Streampix, and my bill is 25% higher than it is supposed to be.

So the gloves are off. I no longer advocate being polite in your dealings with Comcast. They are a dishonest company, and they hire dishonest people. If, against all odds, an honest person somehow managed to be hired by the company, they have lost the right to be treated with respect by allying themselves with this monopolistic monstrosity.

Be mean to Comcast employees. Making them hate their jobs so much that they quit is the nicest thing you could possibly do for them.

If you are polite and patient and a decent human being, Comcast will walk all over you. They will promise you services that they will not provide. They will crank up your bill a few dollars at a time, because they know you won’t fight the gradual increases. And when you complain, they will do nothing, because they know there’s nothing you can do.

And if you are fortunate enough to not be stuck with dealing with Comcast/Xfinity, whatever you do, stay away.

If you have a choice between two internet providers, choose the one that isn’t Comcast.
If a friend asks you what internet provider to use, tell them ‘anything but Comcast/Xfinity’. Friends don’t let friends use Comcast.
If you’re looking at apartments, and the complex has an exclusive agreement with Comcast for internet providers, find a different apartment complex. And let the apartment complex know that you chose not to do business with them because of their arrangement with Comcast.
Because once you’re stuck, there’s nothing you can do. When you try to disconnect, you have to deal with this:

All you can do is warn other people. Consider yourself warned.

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5 Responses to Be Mean To Comcast Employees

  1. Umm…you are amazing Kara! I don’t know what else to say. Your style is inspiring, your processing – beautiful, and your clarity is simply unbelievable! – Lex, NY

  2. Indian says:

    I’m actually enjoying the planning and layout of the site. It’s a really easy on the eyes that makes it much more enjoyable for me into the future here and also visit more often. Did a person hire out and about a designer to create your concept? Extpocienal function!

  3. stimdtns says:

    Been there too, especially with the lying and promising things are resolved, then having my bill jacked up again. I have no other option where I live, so I continue to waste my time dealing with it, figuring at least I’m wasting their time too. The @ComcastCares account finally helped me this last time, but I’m sure even that will go away at some point.

  4. But really, Nathan, are any of the other cable/satellite providers any better in terms of either service or quality? Isn’t it a case of damned if you do and damned if you don’t, especially with today’s digital broadcasting and programming!?

    • In terms of treating people less like garbage? Yes, almost any other company will treat you better. You may pay more, but I think it’s worth that to be treated like a human being. Comcast has always ranked at or near the bottom in customer service satisfaction surveys.

      It’s not just about the individual service, either. Comcast also routinely lobbies against net neutrality…when not outright disregarding it with its practices.

      Comcast is also the only internet option in many areas. They don’t have to treat their customers with respect, because they know they’re the only option.

      All cable/internet companies have their issues, but Comcast is the worst by leaps and bounds.

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