Take a Couplet of These and Call Me in the Morning

If the prose gets up your nose
And you sputter like a hose
You must take off all your clothes
And compose a little verse

If your nurse says things are worse
And your health can’t be reversed
Quick, before you’re in the hearse
Make a terse, perfunctory rhyme

If the chimes mark off the time
When they’ll hang your for your crime
Then the moment is sublime
For a prime and poignant ditty

If the city shows no pity
When you’re feeling down and shitty
Don’t seek help from a committee
Write a witty little ode

If your load is being slowed
As you sit on your commode
At your work or your abode
Don’t explode, except with psalm

If it’s calm in your pogrom
Just before they drop the bomb
Have no fear, but with aplomb
Find your balm in penning poesy


If your poesy starts to mosey
Or plays ring-around-the-rosy
And it’s smelling decomposey
When you bring it to your nosey

Then ditch the tempo, screw the meter
Leave it all for someone fleeter
Improvise new rhythms like manic tap dancers
And use words that don’t rhyme to consummate stanzas
Adherence to structure
Is bound to have fucked your
Poem more ways than it knows how to count
So fuck it right back with a similar amount

Break the rules
Make things up
Write just what you want to write
You’re not gonna lose your poetic license
For running a couple red lights.

traffic at night

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1 Response to Take a Couplet of These and Call Me in the Morning

  1. Amanda says:

    Genius (y)

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