Freewriting, U-U-U-Uuuuuvula!

there’s a way to drop your hearts from over a cliff

never can you find what left you through the shine

Selfish kindred spirits undermining their undercarriages

choose your secondary moonshine challenges

don’t beware the rain of all you’ve outrun in this October lullaby

gems are sunlight’s children who’ve been left bereft, adrift

Timber rest your weary eyes Polish children

erstwhile findelabrums


hi-fi dreams

a world of cheese never lacks for minstrels

here’s what you’ve been trying to understand

white racquetballs are in the eastern sky

portobello mushrooms never go on a diet

Quiescent questing quispers quadrugling queltzerbaskets

rumb rumb rumba in the plaza

hiccup if acorns drink to forget

burd is not a bird its a berd though

mavens of ravens don’t chew your food to groom the brood


seltzer water not for nose yo

youthful exuberance is the number 6

left-handed shadows can’t be trusted with unwanted jewelry

weep the leg!

pronouns: don’t use pronouns or pronouns will pronoun the pronoun

recessive jeans are back in fashion this spring

polizei policia polemic polecats pole-dancing prolifically

dish-drained fishwives mishmash wishmakers


RECESS PECESS: the peanut butter candy you eat when you’re taking a break from court



the eight sided malevolent octagon

count its angles

are there eight?



make it a sexy sexy sexadecagon

mmmmm, dem angles

if at first you don’t succeed

burn it burn it burn it burn it burn it









Why pie?

Pie am spy

cuckoo clocks


are where bad birds go when they






no no no don’t go in there

not the reformation shed

it’s not time for that, there’s plenty of time to rethink from out here

two’s company, so who are we missing?

isthmus Mike, of course

He’s been wading in the deep end of the chupacabra

strip the orchestra naked

poor lonely oboes, they only wanted to be loved

blue-footed boobies

do not appreciate being pigeonholed

because they’re not pigeons

shredded wheat

a silo full of damnable shredded wheat

who shreds it?

Wheat Shredder

do you see him when you close your eyes?

hide your wheat

for the love of God, hide your wheat!


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