The Morning Commute in D Minor

It was Friday night this Thursday morning
And I partied in the sun as the rain fell down
It felt so good to be next to you as I drove alone
I cried to know I’d lost you, but my cheeks stayed dry
I rage against the machine
Without really feeling anything at all

A spider crawls across the sky
Before colliding with a meteor beetle
Millions of bacterial dinosaurs go extinct

An empty school bus precedes me, periodically stopping
Opening its doors
But neither acquiring nor disgorging children
I wonder what ever happened to my inner child
And whether its face is on a milk carton
Next to someone’s bowl of Cracklin’ Oat Bran

There’s a speed trap up ahead
Police officers like antlions lurking
Waiting for a 32 in a 25
Keeping people safe
I look for the police officer
And a jogger disappears under my wheels
It’s okay
Nobody much cares about joggers
And also there is no police officer

I get to work as the weekend starts
And the party on the radio is just ramping up
The song makes me think that this is the day everything will turn out my way
That today I’ll see the purpose of this daily drudge
It will fall into a greater plan
A complete narrative from beginning to end
But I always arrive at work right in the middle of

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