A Surfeit of Somethings

I was so busy doing somethings
Big blue rolly somethings
Little orange crinkly somethings
Somethings left hanging on the line
Somethings buried under old piles of newspaper
A something that burned up like a candle, leaving a smell like incense
The irritable something that lives in the toboggan factory at the top of the hill
Three somethings that rhymed with purple, each in different ways
The something you get when you leave the bread out too long
Somethings that wore tuxedos and pretended to work for the government
A something that would have gone away if ignored
Something that had to be done right that very second
Something that went well with egg and mayonnaise
Five somethings that combined into one enormous something
And something else
I was so busy doing somethings
That I entirely forgot to do nothing
And nothing was the only something
That I really needed to do.

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