Monster of the Week

I’ve been looking for you on X-Files
Buffy, Star Trek, and Doctor Who
Any show with a monster of the week
Waiting for you to appear
For Mulder or Spock to explain you
Define you, describe you
Put a name to you

“The creature mimics the human form
But unlike human beings
It feeds on curiosity.
The creature cannot be known, cannot be understood
But it plants itself in the host’s mind
Stopping the host from thinking about anything else
Even fulfilling basic needs
Until at last its victim’s mind is lost in a spiral of obsession
From which it can never return.”

If I could just hear that
I think I could pull away
Live my life without looking back
But I’ve been watching these shows for so long
And I can’t find you
I’m worried you’re something new
Something the monster-makers never dreamt up

I wanted to be the person who survives to the end of the story
But I think I’m the one who doesn’t make it to the first commercial break.

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