A Miracle for One

The prayer is selfish
As most are
A plea for a small miracle

Not a large miracle with flashing lights and a PR blast
No rejoicing multitude, no voice thundering from the heavens
Just a little miracle, for only me

I offer a poor case
I do not promise to share the miracle with the world
To show how it proclaims the goodness and mercy of God
I do not promise because I know I would not keep it
Out of fear of being called a fool, I would downplay it
Attributing the miracle to good choices and good fortune
Nobody would see God in the miracle I ask
Nobody but me

I do not know if God does miracles for individuals
In the book, I read about lepers cured
Blind given sight
Dead revived
But were those miracles for only those affected?
Or for everyone who saw
And everyone who heard
And everyone who read?

I do not find any miracles done in true isolation
There is always someone to sing praises
To run across the countryside declaring the good news
To inscribe the account in chapter and verse
But if there were
If God does perform miracles for one
I suppose I never would have known.

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