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Diatribe For A Perfect Stranger

I hate you, woman in yellow For all the terrible things you never did And all the horrible flaws you never showed And all the wretched words you never said But most of all for when, as you walked along the sidewalk … Continue reading

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Maybe I Wasn’t Trying To Write A Poem, Okay?!

The snow goes As the snow does (Does doesn’t rhyme) The snow does, that is to say, the female counterparts to snow bucks Make footprints all along the way While I get up and resume (Resume doesn’t rhyme) Resume, that … Continue reading

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The 18 Best Worst Sentences from Fifty Shades of Grey

Hey! It’s Banned Books Week! Last year, I swore that, for Banned Books Week, I would read Fifty Shades of Grey. I would like to point out that I never said I would read it quickly. But I did finish … Continue reading

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Your Excitement About Kroger Is Killing My Dreams

This article makes me irrationally angry. It’s an article from my local paper. It tells about hundreds of local citizens lining up on a Thursday morning. What were they lining up for, you ask? Was it the midnight release of a … Continue reading

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Chameleons of Karmic Hue are Seldom Kept in View

I’ve always had a soft, unspoken, karmic view of life Though never voiced, it’s always burrowed down inside my mind But as the law of averages applies to joy and strife A different philosophy is what I’ve come to find For … Continue reading

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There is No Cookie at the End

Oh, I like to write a poem When I feel that I’ve been being Altogether far too useful So as to be very careful Not to send the wrong idea If you get into the habit Of, to other people … Continue reading

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A Surfeit of Somethings

I was so busy doing somethings Big blue rolly somethings Little orange crinkly somethings Somethings left hanging on the line Somethings buried under old piles of newspaper A something that burned up like a candle, leaving a smell like incense … Continue reading

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