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Be Mean To Comcast Employees

I used to think you should be nice to Comcast/Xfinity employees. Don’t get me wrong. I’ve always known the company corrupt and dishonest, possibly to the point of actual criminality…but I thought it was wrong to take it out on … Continue reading

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Let Your Children Touch Toads And Spiders

Let your children touch toads and spiders. Within reason, of course Not the ones that melt the skin off your bones Or make you dance the tarantella until your feet turn cherry But the non-deadly ones, The merely gross and … Continue reading

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Kids…Don’t Do Student Loans

I am seeing a very distressing trend across the country. Everywhere, millions of high schoolers are preparing to addict themselves to…student loans. Tens of thousands of dollars of college debt. Do you know how much debt the average college graduate … Continue reading

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STOP Everything and Learn How to Relax

We are the busiest relaxers in history. At the pinnacle of humankind’s development of work-easing machines, time-saving devices, life-prolonging medicine, and instant communication, we still have no free time. And we never will. What free time we have is filled … Continue reading

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