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Almost The Angel of Death

I almost killed someone tonight. I was driving home after hanging out with friends, heading up the highway. I hadn’t had anything to drink, wasn’t driving recklessly, and was paying rapt attention to the street. When out of nowhere, a … Continue reading

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The Hangover Generation

I used to wonder why people would want to get so drunk they black out. You hear it on the radio, all the pop singers singing their party anthems. Don’t think, just drink, don’t stop, dance ’til you drop, and … Continue reading

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Solitude’s a Lady, Loneliness a Bitch

“You should get out and meet people,” they tell me, like they’re urging chemo. “It’s easy,” they say, “and besides, What Do You Have To Lose?” Like most social advice, this is intuitive, reasonable, and bullshit. They assume I have … Continue reading

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All Hail, King Of The Losers

As Christians, I think we’re called to be losers. Not just losers in an ethereal, self-sacrificial way. I mean losers in the middle-school jungle gym sense: chumps, saps, dweebs. Suckers for Jesus. Which is frustrating, because we live in the … Continue reading

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Kids…Don’t Do Student Loans

I am seeing a very distressing trend across the country. Everywhere, millions of high schoolers are preparing to addict themselves to…student loans. Tens of thousands of dollars of college debt. Do you know how much debt the average college graduate … Continue reading

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Freedom: Some Musings on the Natures of Life and Minecraft

(NOTE: This post is only slightly about Minecraft, so don’t be scared off just yet.) I went for a walk today. Usually, when I walk, I bring my mp3 player so I can listen to music or audiobooks, but today … Continue reading

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I’ll Be All Growned Up Someday

I don’t feel like a man. I just turned 23 a week ago…it should have taken by now. I’ve had plenty of legal signifiers: I could vote, buy tobacco, and go to real-person jail at 18. I could buy alcohol … Continue reading

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