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Can We Find Hope In A Loveless Place?

I’m not sure I know how to love. Let’s jump back a decade. I was in high school, homeschooled, and more awkward than a rucksack full of penguins. You think I’m weird now? You have no idea. Since I was coming … Continue reading

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My Magical, Terrifying, Hipster Restaurant Adventure

Soooo I got hungry today. And I had in my possession an issue of Indianapolis Monthly with a list of the 25 best restaurants in Indy. So I opened to the article and read about the first restaurant on the list: … Continue reading

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NASA For Herpes

I’m probably alone in this, but I like to picture STDs as opportunistic little astronauts. Much as we observe the orbits and patterns of the planets, waiting for them to fall into alignment before launching probes to Mars or Jupiter, … Continue reading

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Teenagers Don’t Know What To Do With Their Arms

Teenagers, you probably feel pretty self-conscious most of the time. If you don’t, just take a look in the mirror. There you go. What are you doing with those arms? Don’t tell me they’re new. You’ve had those things for … Continue reading

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