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50,000 Gamerscore Points and Still Alive

Today I reached an Xbox 360 gamerscore of 50,000. It’s possible this was not the best use of my time. (For anyone who’s interested, the 10 games I’ve completed–i.e., gotten all the achievements for–are Bioshock, Bioshock Infinite, Borderlands 2, Fallout … Continue reading

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Hunting the Wild Video Game Collectible

tax refund this year. So of course I blew it all on video games. Well, not really. Most of it went toward rent…and car insurance…and the electric bill… Okay, fine, I only spent $20 on video games! Are you happy? … Continue reading

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Review: Bioshock Infinite

Are you afraid of God? No…but I’m afraid of you. And with that begins the most anticipated video game of 2013. Litta’ Bitta’ Plot (only minor spoilers): In Bioshock Infinite, you are Booker Dewitt, a private investigator who has been … Continue reading

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