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Stuff I’m Reading – ApproxiMarch

Superman: Doomed / Convergence – Various Authors I read both Marvel and DC Comics, but these days I find myself leaning more toward the Marvel side of things, and stories like these are part of the reason. Both of these … Continue reading

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Stuff I’m Reading – Early January

After writing my blog post about reading challenges for 2016, I decided to challenge myself to keep track of and briefly post the books, audiobooks, and graphic novels I’m reading this year. Here’s the first installment: Transmetropolitan Spider Jerusalem is a … Continue reading

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New Year’s Read-solutions For 2016

(Note: I originally wrote this for my library’s newsletter. Please forgive the title.) The old year is making way for the new, and we all know what that means: two or three weeks of pretending to eat better and exercise … Continue reading

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We Must Indeed All Band Together, Or Most Assuredly, We Will All Be Banned Separately

Banned Books Week is upon us once again. In previous years, I’ve posted a list of quick reads for Banned Books Week and written a Manifesto For The Uncensored. But this year, I’ve come to a realization. I’m a fraud. I’d … Continue reading

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Things I Like

The internet is an economy-sized barrel of hate sometimes. And while I’ve certainly done my share to contribute to the overall hate conglomeration, I’d like to do my part to shore up the sandbags on the like side of things. … Continue reading

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Goodbye, Sir Terry

Yesterday morning, working at the library, I came across a Terry Pratchett book I hadn’t known had been published: Dragons at Crumbling Castle, a collection of his earliest writings. It made me glad to see a little more Pratchett enter … Continue reading

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Unlikely Fictional Valentines

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from hundreds of novels and romantic comedies, it’s that you should never let incompatible personalities, irreconcilable differences, or basic laws of physics get in the way of true love. Forget Romeo and Juliet…let’s consider … Continue reading

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Who’s Afraid Of The Big Bad Book?

A book will never shoot you Or choke you in your bed It can only cut your heart out … Perhaps you’re right to dread.

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10 Books That Have Had A Lasting Impact

I’ve been tagged in the Facebook thingy where you list 10 books that have stayed with you. Not necessarily your favorite books, but ones that have gotten hold of you and not let go. Rather than just list the books … Continue reading

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Books Do Not Have The Right To Bear Arms

I work at a library. And in this library, there is a book with arms.   I know not what Nazi experiment or hellpit spawned this abomination, but I know that it spells our doom. When I close my eyes, I … Continue reading

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