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Summer of Awesomeness: Day 1: Cleaning

After staying up until 4 in the morning writing last night’s blog post, I didn’t want to do anything but sleep until work the following evening. But do awesome people sleep their entire day away? Certainly not! So I roused … Continue reading

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My Name Is Ozymandias, Cleaner of Things…

My name is Ozymandias, Cleaner of Things, Look on my Works, ye filthy, and despair. I just got done cleaning the bathtub, the toilets, the whole sink area…even those irritating toothpaste speckles that adorn all bathroom mirrors. Just look at … Continue reading

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Monday Micropost: Dishwashers

I grew up washing dishes by hand, and now, renting a house, I have opportunity to use a dishwasher. Sadly, dishwashers do not live up to their mythic aura. They are the minimum wage high school-age workers of kitchen appliances. … Continue reading

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