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Stuff I’m Reading – ApproxiMarch

Superman: Doomed / Convergence – Various Authors I read both Marvel and DC Comics, but these days I find myself leaning more toward the Marvel side of things, and stories like these are part of the reason. Both of these … Continue reading

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Things I Like

The internet is an economy-sized barrel of hate sometimes. And while I’ve certainly done my share to contribute to the overall hate conglomeration, I’d like to do my part to shore up the sandbags on the like side of things. … Continue reading

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Who Was That Guy At The End Of Thor, Anyway?

BEYOND THIS POINT BE SPOILERS! So…I went to see Thor the other night. Yes, the new one. With the subtitle and everything. It was a pretty good superhero movie. Not as good as some of my favorites, but not as … Continue reading

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How I’d Fix Spider-Man 3

Spider-Man 3 could have been a really good superhero movie. Parker’s emo bangs and evil dance moves were laughable, but they weren’t what ultimately destroyed the film. The problem is that there are one and a half good movies crammed into … Continue reading

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I Want To Be A Superhero (And So Do You)

I just got back from watching The Amazing Spider-Man. My motivation to see the movie was about 40% Spider-Man and 60% Emma Stone. It was a fun movie, and I thought it made some improvements to the originals (which of … Continue reading

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“Boob Money” Is An Unfortunate Phrase To Get Stuck In Your Head At Work

There are some things that just don’t bear thinking about. For instance, a few days back, I was working the ice cream register at Ivanhoes, and a young woman walked up and ordered a shake. She then appeared to scratch … Continue reading

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Clark Kent is Real, And He Lives In Upland, Indiana

I met Clark Kent today. At least I’m pretty sure I did. He’s not Superman yet–didn’t look more than fourteen, actually–but give him time. It was a slow day at Ivanhoes, with only the occasional ice cream order coming in. … Continue reading

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