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Your Excitement About Kroger Is Killing My Dreams

This article makes me irrationally angry. It’s an article from my local paper. It tells about hundreds of local citizens lining up on a Thursday morning. What were they lining up for, you ask? Was it the midnight release of a … Continue reading

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There is No Cookie at the End

Oh, I like to write a poem When I feel that I’ve been being Altogether far too useful So as to be very careful Not to send the wrong idea If you get into the habit Of, to other people … Continue reading

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Take a Couplet of These and Call Me in the Morning

If the prose gets up your nose And you sputter like a hose You must take off all your clothes And compose a little verse If your nurse says things are worse And your health can’t be reversed Quick, before you’re in … Continue reading

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Accolade! An RPG I Sort Of Helped Make…I Mean, I Did A Little Bit…

Hey there, Internetlings, It’s been, phew, about a month since I posted anything, and even that was a bit of rubbish. So what have I been up to? I’ve surely been busy doing all sorts of important productive things, right? Allow … Continue reading

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They Can’t Get You If You Never Stop Screaming

You think I’m a creative person Like creation, the need to create is what drives me Like there’s a gnome on my knuckles Kicking each finger to drive another letter into the world In order, sensibly, afoiainuviaeljmvkmsfbwa;trgn like that It’s … Continue reading

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Why Feel In Excess?

Why do the artists feel too much? Why do the emotions pound against our skull Bleeding out our eyes and noses Into shapes on canvas, Words on parchment, Notes in measures? It’s simple; Feeling too much Is our only defense Against … Continue reading

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A Fair Trade, He Said, A Mind For A Head

  I asked the Lord to take my thoughts And leave me with ideas instead I’m madder since the latter came But wiser since the former fled    

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