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I Want To Be A Superhero (And So Do You)

I just got back from watching The Amazing Spider-Man. My motivation to see the movie was about 40% Spider-Man and 60% Emma Stone. It was a fun movie, and I thought it made some improvements to the originals (which of … Continue reading

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Clark Kent is Real, And He Lives In Upland, Indiana

I met Clark Kent today. At least I’m pretty sure I did. He’s not Superman yet–didn’t look more than fourteen, actually–but give him time. It was a slow day at Ivanhoes, with only the occasional ice cream order coming in. … Continue reading

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New to DC: The New 52? What’s Worth Reading?

In September, DC Comics launched a renumbering and reorganization of their entire comics line, at the end of Flashpoint, this summer’s company-wide crossover event. DC has dropped some of their titles, added new ones, redistributed the heroes in others, and … Continue reading

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David Fincher Announces Updates to Facebook Movie; Completely Unrelated to James Cameron Film About Google+

This has certainly been a big week for movies based on websites. On Monday, director James Cameron received a historic $600 million-dollar budget for his upcoming film about the development of the website Google+. The film, tentatively titled Plus and … Continue reading

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