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Rethinking Forgiveness

When I was a kid, this is how apologies worked:

Kid does something mean.
Other kid cries.
Mom comes in. (uh oh)
Words are had.
Kid 1 says “I’m sorry.”
Kid 2 says “I forgive you.”
The problem is OVER. You are not allowed to keep doing the mean thing or fighting over it.

This is a simplistic version of apologies, because, you know, kids are stupid. Continue reading

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Programmer, Forgive Me, For I Have&%$33333SYSTEM ERROR

How do you rid a machine of hate One designed for killing, raping, pillaging Running for millennia in violent mechanical cycles? How do you clean the blood from the gears And put its pincers and needles To better use than evisceration? How do you … Continue reading

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