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Decoy Poem

I met a poem yesternight But didn’t take the time to write And then it hid itself away Frightened off by break of day So now I’m staring at my desk To conjure something poem-esque Not in substance, only style Which I will … Continue reading

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Become The Protagonist

For over a year, I’ve been a poorly-written side character in the story of my life. Somewhere along the line, my ambitions turned into dreams, and only dreams. Something nice to look at, appreciate, and then move on. They stopped … Continue reading

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400 Years of Literary Smackdown

Wordsworth makes my words worthless And I’m thoroughly unlike Thoreau I can’t make the words sing like King Can’t toss a phrase like Rabelais or catch it like Pratchett I was vain to claim to write in the same vein … Continue reading

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The Bible: Now Accepting Submissions

I like to imagine Peter, Paul, Moses, Matthew, David, John, and all the rest, known and anonymous, bumming around the twenty-first century like nobody’s business. Paul running a late-night radio talk-show, David writing poetry on a remote sheep farm in … Continue reading

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Save Yourself Five Minutes and Set Yourself On Fire Now

Thanks to a generous push from Freshly Pressed, I just received my 200th subscriber (Thanks, Rae Spencer, for hitting that number! Your blog looks intriguing…I’ll have to give it another look-see later.) I haven’t had so many views since I … Continue reading

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STOP Everything and Learn How to Relax

We are the busiest relaxers in history. At the pinnacle of humankind’s development of work-easing machines, time-saving devices, life-prolonging medicine, and instant communication, we still have no free time. And we never will. What free time we have is filled … Continue reading

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Writing Is Better Than Money

This has been a good week for writer me. I finished Chapter 7 of my novel on Tuesday, just a few days after passing the 10,000 word mark. (Incidentally, Tuesday was also the day my blog received its 8,000th view. … Continue reading

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