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I Call Her Eve, Because She Brings the Darkness

What God could make a woman so? And say, ’tis not good for man to be alone She bit the Eden’s apple of my heart And leaves me now forever wandering.

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I Hate Boyfriends

As a straight guy, I would just like to state for the record that I hate boyfriends. Not just because they diminish the population of available, dateable women. And not just the douchebags. All of them. All boyfriends ever. Even … Continue reading

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Pretty People Depress Me

WARNING: I foresee nothing of value coming out of this blog post. Save yourself from a heavy dose of depression and self-loathing and just stop reading right here. Attractive women depress the crap out of me. Not even movie-star-level attractiveness, … Continue reading

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Where’s Witty Banter When You Need It?

Movies have ruined my social graces. Whenever I meet someone new, I only have about two minutes of wit before I’m tapped out, as film has conditioned me to expect a scene change or significant plot twist at the end … Continue reading

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Christians love sluts. Wait, I said that wrong. Christians love┬áslut, the term, not sluts, the people group. I’m not sure why this is. As a religion, for the most part, we’ve gotten pretty good at not calling people niggers, yids, … Continue reading

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Bah Humbug, Lovebirds

I told myself I wasn’t going to write a Valentine’s Day post, but I’ve got to write something or I’m going to lose all this momentum I’ve built up blogging the past couple weeks, and I’m running out of ideas … Continue reading

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It Would Be A Shame To Waste All This Romance

Beneath my carefully-molded exterior of sarcastic cynicism beats the heart of a poet and sappy sentimentalist, as some of you may already know. Thus, despite being a virgin, I have given a surprising amount of thought about my wedding night. … Continue reading

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Love Songs For Old Married Couples

Despite my growing cynicism and emotional imperviousness, there are times when I can be a sucker for romance. Or at the very least, romance in film, in fiction, and in tune. In particular, I have a soft spot for love … Continue reading

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That Day That We First Met

Valentines Day has come and almost gone, and, currently single, my first instinct is to scoff and brush it aside. But despite some cynicism, I’m still something of a romantic at heart, so rather than ignore the passing of the … Continue reading

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7 Ways To Be Sexy Without Taking Your Clothes Off

Disclaimer: I am not an expert on sex. However, as an Adult Human Male, I consider myself at least a passable authority on sexy. Second Disclaimer: When the pronoun “you” is used in this post, it is referring to female … Continue reading

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