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A Tale of Customer Service

So I log into my bank account, and I spy, with my little eye, an unexpected $60 bill from Xbox. Jigga-ji-wha? Have I been identity thieved? This, I wonder. So I fire up my Xbox to check the payment history, … Continue reading

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Pretty People Depress Me

WARNING: I foresee nothing of value coming out of this blog post. Save yourself from a heavy dose of depression and self-loathing and just stop reading right here. Attractive women depress the crap out of me. Not even movie-star-level attractiveness, … Continue reading

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4 Ways To Tell If You’re A Geek Or A Nerd

What’s the difference between a geek and a nerd, you ask? A lot. According to some random poll from the internet that I’m going to treat as gospel truth, roughly 80% of people prefer ‘geek’ to ‘nerd’. Since these are … Continue reading

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It’s That Day With All The Numbers…Oh, Yeah, And That Other Thing Too…

Well, it’s after 1:30 now, so all the 11-gasm posts are probably out of the way now…at least for another 10 hours or so. And everyone with a 360 or a high-end computer will be playing Skyrim for the next … Continue reading

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