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The One About Sex

I’ve been thinking about sex lately. That’s nothing new, of course, but the way I’ve been thinking about it has been different this year. Rewind to New Years: I’m ringing in the year with some friends, and after a few … Continue reading

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Fine, I’ll Do a %&*#!@$ Post About Racism

I really don’t want to write about racism today. My Facebook feed has been a steady flow of articles, memes, and rants about white supremacists, Charlottesville, free speech, racism, Arpaio, and He Who Shall Not Be Named. And I don’t … Continue reading

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Can We Find Hope In A Loveless Place?

I’m not sure I know how to love. Let’s jump back a decade. I was in high school, homeschooled, and more awkward than a rucksack full of penguins. You think I’m weird now? You have no idea. SinceĀ I was coming … Continue reading

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A Night With An Undead Band From Colorado – Five Iron Frenzy

A year ago I was shouting for joy, but not as loud as six days ago. But first, some backstory. Nine years ago today was a cold, dark day as Five Iron Frenzy hung up their hats, and the pants … Continue reading

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I’ll Be All Growned Up Someday

I don’t feel like a man. I just turned 23 a week ago…it should have taken by now. I’ve had plenty of legal signifiers: I could vote, buy tobacco, and go to real-person jail at 18. I could buy alcohol … Continue reading

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The Ubiquitous Nature of The Girl Who Wears Hats–A Story With Pictures

I seem to fall in love on a regular basis these days. In the last few months alone, there have been several of these brief, imagined flings. Such as The Girl With Surprisingly Attractive Big Hair, The Infectious Smiler, The … Continue reading

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Long John Silvers Is Uncomfortably Similar To Porn

I eat at Long John Silvers only once a year. If I try to go there any more frequently, my digestive system clenches up for self-preservation. Because there really is nothing very redeeming about what I’m eating. French fries, fried … Continue reading

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