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Chameleons of Karmic Hue are Seldom Kept in View

I’ve always had a soft, unspoken, karmic view of life Though never voiced, it’s always burrowed down inside my mind But as the law of averages applies to joy and strife A different philosophy is what I’ve come to find For … Continue reading

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We Must Indeed All Band Together, Or Most Assuredly, We Will All Be Banned Separately

Banned Books Week is upon us once again. In previous years, I’ve posted a list of quick reads for Banned Books Week and written a Manifesto For The Uncensored. But this year, I’ve come to a realization. I’m a fraud. I’d … Continue reading

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Manifesto For The Uncensored

It was after 1984 when I read the novel of the same name, hiding under the covers, reading by the dying light of a 50-cent flashlight as Winston and Julia performed more unspeakable acts under their own sheets; Winston apprehensive … Continue reading

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A Cat That Pets Itself

As I was walking home from my old dorm tonight, I encountered a cat. It mewed plaintively and padded up to me. Unable to resist anything so fuzzy and pathetic-looking, I reached out a hand to pet it. But before … Continue reading

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