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Freewriting, U-U-U-Uuuuuvula!

there’s a way to drop your hearts from over a cliff never can you find what left you through the shine Selfish kindred spirits undermining their undercarriages choose your secondary moonshine challenges don’t beware the rain of all you’ve outrun … Continue reading

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Alas, Babylonana

And now, for a complete change of tone, I present to you a story I co-wrote with my housemate Brian. We alternated writing every few sentences. It matters little. It is unlikely that either of us, working alone, could have … Continue reading

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If This Blog Post Makes Me Famous, My Writing Career Is Doomed

i can’t sleppe. half an hour ago, i thought i was tired, but now it ma not i know thats ront and the spelling and punctuation it s messed up but i donta crare right now. im just going to … Continue reading

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More Unpleasant Things That Are Not Quite Horrible

Back by popular demand…well, not popular demand so much as positive response…well, not positive response so much as cringes and soft whimpering…I return to regale you with more unpleasant things that are not quite horrible. (Here’s the original list.) Oreos … Continue reading

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