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Lichen Lover, Let Me Leave

You spoke your love in lichen words And like a fool I listened Listened as your glistening tendrils Twisted around my wrists like thistles Whistling in the dark, I lit a match And they told me the match was you … Continue reading

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Unlikely Fictional Valentines

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from hundreds of novels and romantic comedies, it’s that you should never let incompatible personalities, irreconcilable differences, or basic laws of physics get in the way of true love. Forget Romeo and Juliet…let’s consider … Continue reading

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Seen Here In Its Natural Habitat, The Human Heart Mimics Its Surroundings To Protect Itself From Predators

Apple I’m banana writing concealment this deception in explain camouflage forget so gratefulness you heartache can’t inscrutable say joking you see knew listen that maybe all not this other time posturing the questionable one reveal I secret loved tell was … Continue reading

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Shirtsleeve Ghost

I feel a ghost of you in my shirtsleeves A whispering sense memory of when we’d sit together No part of us touching Only the tip of your sleeve brushing against mine The shallow reverberations of Skin against fabric Fabric … Continue reading

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I think it’s time I told you All those times you told me about our first date And I pretended I forgot the details All those times you made fun of me And I pretended I was too tough to have my feelings … Continue reading

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How The Times Have Changed Since We Were Lowercase

Uppercase L sat in her lobby, doing laundry and making lemon lasagna while she waited for her husband I to come home from his optometry practice. Her daughter, lowercase l, crept into the room as quietly as she could. “Hey, … Continue reading

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Forever Stamp

She works as a licker For a company too cheap To replace her with a machine Sealing envelopes by the hundreds each day When she comes home 2-cent stamps Fall from the folds of her dress like flower petals Her … Continue reading

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Romantic Cynicism and Cynical Romance

My friends ask me why I’m still single. Well…actually, they don’t, really. Not any more. I’ve given them enough half-truths and approximations over the years to satisfy them. I even believed most of my own explanations, at the time. “I … Continue reading

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Grease My Knees and Fleece My Bees!

I like picture books. I like grown-up books too, but sometimes all the words get in the way of what’s being said. Pictures–the right kind of pictures–don’t.  I saw The Missing Piece, by Shel Silverstein, sitting on a shelving cart … Continue reading

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Those Couples

I’m sitting in the lounge of my former dorm, here for a weekend visit (and to watch the Breaking Bad finale with friends). Right now I’m looking across the room at a couple of freshmen on a couch. I do … Continue reading

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