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La Femme Must be Free

La femme must be free You cannot lock her in a tower Tie a string about her ankle Or forswear her from conversing with or knowing other hommes How can you cherish what is chained? How can you treasure what … Continue reading

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Can We Find Hope In A Loveless Place?

I’m not sure I know how to love. Let’s jump back a decade. I was in high school, homeschooled, and more awkward than a rucksack full of penguins. You think I’m weird now? You have no idea. SinceĀ I was coming … Continue reading

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The Love of Mad Italians

I fear I am in love Not the good-willed love of the godly man Nor the sweet-home love of the couple grown old with care But the unhinged love of mad Italians That comesĀ from nowhere And bursts in fireworks upon … Continue reading

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Nothing Turns Me On Like Sexy, Sexy Viscount Love

You learn a lot of weird things working in a library. This week I learned that there is a very dedicated readership for paperback romance novels dealing with the varying degrees of European nobility. This I learned upon seeing a … Continue reading

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It Would Be A Shame To Waste All This Romance

Beneath my carefully-molded exterior of sarcastic cynicism beats the heart of a poet and sappy sentimentalist, as some of you may already know. Thus, despite being a virgin, I have given a surprising amount of thought about my wedding night. … Continue reading

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