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Upvote to Change The Name “Physics” to “Spider-Man Science”

I don’t think kids hate math because its innately boring. I think they hate math becasue we make it boring. We give them stupid word problems about trains leaving two cities at the same time…and who really cares about trains? … Continue reading

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Ditziness — It’s a Medical Condition

I’ve come to the conclusion that ditziness is not brought on by having blond hair. This kind of profiling based on physical appearance is unfair and immature. No, ditziness comes from speaking in a nasal, airy, high-pitched voice. When you … Continue reading

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Ladies Beware

Breaking News! Scientists have discovered that Senior Scramble is an actual physical phenomenon. It is not just a myth made to mock the desperate coupling that takes place shortly before graduation. When the male brain senses the oncoming responsibility associated … Continue reading

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