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Upvote to Change The Name “Physics” to “Spider-Man Science”

I don’t think kids hate math because its innately boring. I think they hate math becasue we make it boring. We give them stupid word problems about trains leaving two cities at the same time…and who really cares about trains? … Continue reading

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How I’d Fix Spider-Man 3

Spider-Man 3 could have been a really good superhero movie. Parker’s emo bangs and evil dance moves were laughable, but they weren’t what ultimately destroyed the film. The problem is that thereĀ are one and a half good movies crammed into … Continue reading

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I Want To Be A Superhero (And So Do You)

I just got back from watching The Amazing Spider-Man. My motivation to see the movie was about 40% Spider-Man and 60% Emma Stone. It was a fun movie, and I thought it made some improvements to the originals (which of … Continue reading

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Bitten by a Radioactive Stupid Person

At work the other day, at some time between a coworker yanking out my arm hairs and one of my managers making lewd comments about anyone in a skirt, I had the unusual experience of running into a former crush. … Continue reading

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