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OH MY GOD! WE’RE HAVING A FIRE…Extinguisher Test

The notice on the door says our fire extinguishers need to be renewed. Time to pull it out. It’s under the kitchen sink, right? No. Um, okay. Maybe it’s in one of the cupboards? Nope. Okay, don’t panic, it’s probably … Continue reading

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“Uno!” Cried Ozymandias, To No Avail

Red 7 wandered across the desert, the weight on his back forcing each step deep into the sands. He’d been out here for weeks, searching for another to carry his burden. Not just anyone would do such a kindness for him–he needed … Continue reading

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A Heartwarming Holiday Tale

(I write a short piece every month for my library’s internal newsletter. This is what happens when the end of the month comes and I realize I haven’t come up with anything yet.) A Heartwarming Holiday Tale Once upon a time, … Continue reading

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The Burnt Man

He was a burnt man. His clothes were crisp with charcoal, his breath dark with the taste of smoke. Now and then, bits of him would dry up and break off, greasily smearing the lives of those he brushed against. … Continue reading

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Drinking Solution

Jim’s friends told him that he had a drinking problem, which was not strictly true. Jim had a drinking solution. His problem was the screams. “What will it be?” asked the bartender, a round, ruddy man, whose hair had given … Continue reading

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How I’d Fix Spider-Man 3

Spider-Man 3 could have been a really good superhero movie. Parker’s emo bangs and evil dance moves were laughable, but they weren’t what ultimately destroyed the film. The problem is that there are one and a half good movies crammed into … Continue reading

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In Which Nathan Escapes The NaNoWriMo Druids, And Nearly Pays For It With His Life

I dig my way up through the soil, silently pleading the night to cover my escape. As I break the surface, I hold my breath, looking around in dread for my pursuers. A moment goes by, eons in the passing, … Continue reading

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