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Monster of the Week

I’ve been looking for you on X-Files Buffy, Star Trek, and Doctor Who Any show with a monster of the week Waiting for you to appear For Mulder or Spock to explain you Define you, describe you Put a name … Continue reading

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Tasteful Rape

Game of Thrones spoilers and uncomfortable topics lie beyond. You have been warned. Before we get to the heavy stuff, go hug something soft, like a chicken. If you get through this, there will be more hugs later. But first,┬áthe … Continue reading

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4 Ways To Tell If You’re A Geek Or A Nerd

What’s the difference between a geek and a nerd, you ask? A lot. According to some random poll from the internet that I’m going to treat as gospel truth, roughly 80% of people prefer ‘geek’ to ‘nerd’. Since these are … Continue reading

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Hasta La Vista, Biblioteca

(Disclaimer: If you are enjoying this season of Community, please stop reading. I don’t want to take away from something you enjoy. But if you, like me, feel like the show has died, I invite you to take part in … Continue reading

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Violin Screams and Inception BWAHs.

Our scantily-clad heroine dashes through the darkened hallway, knife clutched to her bosom. Does she flee a masked intruder or gelatinous ogre? It matters little. What she truly flees is the string section. See her panicked expression heighten as those … Continue reading

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Doing Nothing

As it saith in the tagline: “Doing nothing has never been so difficult.” This, as it turns out, holds true only for those particular nothings of a creative bent–in my case, writing. My life, in the post-pedagogical paroxysms of poorly … Continue reading

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9 Life Lessons I Have Learned From Watching Commercials

If you watch television at all, you have probably noticed that there are a lot more commercials than there used to be several years ago. In an hour of broadcasting, you will have approximately 20 minutes of commercials, compared to … Continue reading

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