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I’ve Grown Afraid of Words

I used to write. I used to write quite a lot. I don’t write so much any more. It’s the words. I’ve grown afraid of words. I used to like words. Short words, long words, ugly words, beautiful words,silly words, … Continue reading

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A Fair Trade, He Said, A Mind For A Head

  I asked the Lord to take my thoughts And leave me with ideas instead I’m madder since the latter came But wiser since the former fled    

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The Hangover Generation

I used to wonder why people would want to get so drunk they black out. You hear it on the radio, all the pop singers singing their party anthems. Don’t think, just drink, don’t stop, dance ’til you drop, and … Continue reading

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Solitude’s a Lady, Loneliness a Bitch

“You should get out and meet people,” they tell me, like they’re urging chemo. “It’s easy,” they say, “and besides, What Do You Have To Lose?” Like most social advice, this is intuitive, reasonable, and bullshit. They assume I have … Continue reading

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Grease My Knees and Fleece My Bees!

I like picture books. I like grown-up books too, but sometimes all the words get in the way of what’s being said. Pictures–the right kind of pictures–don’t.  I saw The Missing Piece, by Shel Silverstein, sitting on a shelving cart … Continue reading

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Get Out Of Your Head

“Get out of your head,” they say Like it’s a simple matter of opening the door and stepping Outside The mind is a home for them Its walls familiar and furniture comfortably molded to the imprints of their behinds But … Continue reading

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Pizza King Told Me To Shave My Head

In case you didn’t hear the news, I’m Lex Luthor now.   Why the sudden departure from hair, you ask? Well, this story starts a week ago, when I went to visit people at my college. The one I graduated … Continue reading

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Spit’s an important ingredient. There was never a fine chicken cordon bleu or filet mignon but spit made it so. You won’t find it on the back of the cereal box or the menu of that coffee shop you like so much, but it’s as … Continue reading

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Want is a high-density material, which weighs heavily upon the body and the soul. In high enough concentrations, its gravitational mass causes time to slow, and if allowed to reach critical mass, will collapse, consuming everything in sight. You can … Continue reading

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I Am A Bottomless Wallowment of Self-Loathing

I don’t know if you’ve noticed yet from my stupid blog posts, but I never seem to live up to my expectations. I’m a harsh taskmister, for mineself and the world around me, and most of the time I’m blitheringly … Continue reading

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