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Five-Day Forecast Over The Amygdaloid Nuclear Complex

Depression is a drizzle Anxiety is sleet And anger is a hurricane That whips you off your feet A cyclone speaks of silence The rain relays regret I can’t predict the weather But I know I’m getting wet.

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I Am A Bottomless Wallowment of Self-Loathing

I don’t know if you’ve noticed yet from my stupid blog posts, but I never seem to live up to my expectations. I’m a harsh taskmister, for mineself and the world around me, and most of the time I’m blitheringly … Continue reading

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That Does It, I’m Moving To Mexico To Grow Tortillas

Hate is coming from the sky and freezing all over everything. Frozen rain and sleet and snow all coming down to form an icy, gritty, frigid, disgusting mess. In case I’m being too subtle, the point is that I am … Continue reading

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Naked In The Rain (Summer of Awesomeness: Day 60)

Do you remember when you were a child, and the rain called to you as a friend? Parents told you to ignore its call–rain was not appropriate company to keep. But now there’s no one to dictate your social circles, … Continue reading

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Thoughts by Thunderstorm

You can’t argue with mood weather. Twenty minutes ago, I was shopping at Meijer. The weather was hot, and skies were, if not entirely clear, at least on the lighter side of cloudy. Now I’m sitting in my car as … Continue reading

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