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The Morning Commute in D Minor

It was Friday night this Thursday morning And I partied in the sun as the rain fell down It felt so good to be next to you as I drove alone I cried to know I’d lost you, but my cheeks … Continue reading

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Would You Like Fries With That Power Trip?

What’s your name, boy? Hey! Don’t look away when I’m talking to you You little shit What’s your fucking name? You think you’re so big? You think you’re lord of the cash drawer? You’d better give me what I want … Continue reading

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Writing Is Better Than Money

This has been a good week for writer me. I finished Chapter 7 of my novel on Tuesday, just a few days after passing the 10,000 word mark. (Incidentally, Tuesday was also the day my blog received its 8,000th view. … Continue reading

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“Boob Money” Is An Unfortunate Phrase To Get Stuck In Your Head At Work

There are some things that just don’t bear thinking about. For instance, a few days back, I was working the ice cream register at Ivanhoes, and a young woman walked up and ordered a shake. She then appeared to scratch … Continue reading

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When The President Does It, That Means That It Is Not Illegal…Just Very Very Silly

Last night I dreamed that I was the President of the United States. It was a slow day, so my aides and I filled the oval office with the plastic balls that come in those ball pits at Chuck E … Continue reading

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The Long Dark Night Shift of the Soul

<The Work Begins> Me: Ah, what a wonderful day! How wonderful to go to work and earn my living! Nothing can ruin my day! Not you, Racist Sexist Manager! Not you, PMSing Supervisor! Not even you, Seasonal Allergies! I have … Continue reading

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Wednesday Micropost: Quit Your Job

One of the great problems families face is job loyalty. We have learned or been taught that a good job is hard to come by, especially in this economy, and that you should do everything you can to hold onto … Continue reading

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